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West Salem's New Facility

More than four decades ago in the small community of West Salem, Wisconsin, a group of parents came

together to share ideas about developing a hockey facility for youth. In 1975 their idea turned into a reality and

the West Salem Hockey Associaton (WSHA) was formed. That same year an octagon-cornered, open air rink was

built; it proved to be a great way for youth to be actve and to build lifelong friendships, skills and teamwork.

In 1981 a new rounded-corner, open air rink was constructed on the same site. It was complete with enclosed

team boxes, scorer and penalty boxes, and a manual scoreboard. Ten years later, the WSHA partnered with the

Village of West Salem to construct a community-use shelter next to the existng Lion’s Building. It would contain

a covered roof to protect the sheet of ice from overhead precipitaton, yet would remain open on all sides.

Over the next two decades, the WSHA contnued to fundraise and make advancements and necessary upgrades

to the facility, including the installaton of garage doors around the perimeter of the shelter, allowing them to be

lowered when hockey was in session. This ofered further protecton from the weather and was appreciated by

skaters and spectators alike. In 2003, the facility was improved even more when a refrigeraton system and coils

were installed, creatng artfcial ice that would extend the skatng season.

West Salem contnues to feld very compettve teams at all levels which demonstrates our commitment to skill

development in each player. Our current facility is considered “home ice” by over 125 skaters, startng with our

Termite program (4+ years old) to the West Salem Panthers High School team which is looking to repeat its trip to

the State Tournament again this year. 

WSHA is seeking fnancial support to purchase new dasher boards, glass, refrigeraton/chiller system, audio/

security system, rubber fooring and provide a moderate operatng fund to secure the future of the Associaton

and high school hockey program for the next 25 years. This will allow the WSHA to be debt free and ofer future

members an afordable, low-cost sport to partcipate in. 

Continue reading WSHA's Case Statement and learn additional information about our community's new facility.

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